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We’re known for our hop-forward beers; this is one we’ve crafted with particular care for our discerning Bendigo on the Hop hop-lovers. It’s an explosive and aromatic experience, a must-try beer for those seeking a flavourful and unforgettable BOTH adventure.

Rattenhund Classic Pilsner

Traditionally brewed using floor-malted bohemian pilsner malt, partnered with Saaz and Spalt Select hops. Fermented long and cool, followed by an eight-week extended lagering. Clear and refreshing with a fluffy head.


B2 Hot Rod

Fusion never tasted so good! Using an ancient Germanic winter tradition called ‘bierstacheln’, a giant Hibachi Grill and our famous Belgian Double IPA, we’ll be turning the beer theatre up to 600 degrees for this year’s BOTH festival beer.

Beechworth Pale Ale

A new world pale ale brimming with hop aroma and flavour, it strikes a perfect balance between hops and malt. Lower bitterness and a clean finish make this a sessionable yet full flavoured pale ale that continues to stand the test of time.



Not Another Hazy – WCIPA

No seriously, this is not another Hazy IPA.  It’s a dank, hoppy AF West Coast IPA crammed full of flavour and aroma thanks to bucket loads of Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial and Cryo Cascade hops.  Strong and bitter, just like an IPA should be.

Shearers Lager – Munich Style Helles

Pours a sparkling pale straw colour and has a creamy white head. A sweet malty aroma leads in nicely to a light body and subtle German hop finish.


Dubbel or Nothing – Belgian Dubbel

Brewed to celebrate our first appearance at Bendigo on the Hop Festival 2023. This beer is slightly spicy with a wonderful rich malt flavour. Warm it up a little to really appreciate the layered malt and esters that makes it an experience. We are excited to offer another classic Belgian beer to our lineup – Dubbel or Nothing, Belgian Dubbel.

Vic Secret Wet Hopped Ale

Fresh Vic Secret Hops from HPA are used for this Wet Hopped Ale, creating tropical fruit flavours such as mango, melon, and pineapple. Once again 100% Veloria malt from Voyager provides a slightly sweet and tasty malt backbone to this single hopped beer.



Missed Your Tram – Tiramisu Golden Ale

Dessert Golden Ale, made with cacao, vanilla, Old Green Bean coffee beans and lactose

Hazel Jr. – DDH Hazy Pale Ale

A sessionable hazy pale ale, with lime and tropical fruit notes.


Hop Bomb IPA

There couldn’t be a better time to launch our latest hop-driven brew than to celebrate Bendigo On The Hop! This big boy is a real blast from the past – we’ve pulled inspiration from the first IPA we ever brewed back in 2013. We’ve evolved our classic original recipe to commemorate 10 years of big, hoppy, Boatrocker IPAs. Prepare your palate for an explosion of dank hops and firm bitterness over a solid malt backbone. This beer will take you back to the time when IPAs were big, clear and dank.


Smooth, malty, and an all time favourite. Our classic stout doesn’t mess about. No gimmicks, just the finest traditional English malt and hops to give you a deliciously balanced and hearty ale, boasting toasty notes of chocolate and coffee. A delicious and comforting drop that’s good for any time of year, but ever so satisfying when there’s a snap of cold in the air. Yum.



Trio Of Dips

We’ve brewed up a batch of West Coast IPA and split it 3 ways, dry-hopping each with Cascade hops that have been grown in 3 different countries around the world. As a matter of fact, each of these three countries are on different continents, ensuring a vast distance between the farm locations. ‘Trio of Dips’ is a 3-part foray into Cascade; grown in New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

It goes without saying that each of these farms will experience notably different climates and conditions, not to mention soil and seasons. On top of that, how does distance and isolation play a role in the development of a hop over time? Does the plant make subtle adaptations to better suit the local conditions? Could that fundamentally change the character of the hop?


This isn’t the average industrial lager. Old world and new world hops deliver floral and spicy aromas, setting the stage for a clean, modern pilsner that nods to its old world roots while bringing a certain mischievous youth to the party. Classic, but far from ordinary.


Muthur Funker ‘23

A golden sour, aged for 12 months in barrels with BentSpoke’s house mixed culture bacteria strain, and again they’ve delivered a beer with balance that will keep existing fans of such beers happy and, equally, not prove overly scary for anyone who’s never tried such a thing before. The sweet-sour-funky trifecta works to bring musty barnyard and citrus-stonefruit characters together with a refreshing tang and almost vinous texture.

Red Nut – Red IPA



The Sour Matriarch – Fruited Hoppy Sour

As wealth and power grow, so does your list of enemies, once you’re on her list The Matriarch turns sour. The tropical flavours of pineapple, passionfruit and peach still smother you with their abundant perfume and her silky smooth delivery hides the sour twist, a complex and balanced acidity quenches your thirst but don’t forget no one’s comes off that list to talk about it.

‘Usual Suspects’ Hazy Pale Ale

Lurking in the shadows, our hazy pale ale is full of punchy tropical hops.
Juicy citrus and tangerine flavours are balanced with a fluffy mouthfeel and low bitterness – this beer is ready to grab and smash!


West Cape – WCIPA

West Cape IPA is a WCIPA that pays homage to the rugged beauty of the Gippsland coastline. 

With a bold golden hue, this crisp IPA exudes the essence of the setting sun over crashing waves. A delightful bouquet of tropical hops and resinous pine carries the ocean breeze, while the well-balanced malt backbone evokes the rocky cliffs and sandy shores, creating a beer that embodies the refreshing spirit of Cape Conran in every sip 🏝️

Lemon Meringue Cream Sour

Creamy and refreshingly tart with a bright kick of fresh local organic lemon zest and juice. Finished on vanilla.

Shadow Self – Chocolate Stout

Brewed with living koko organic, single origin cacao tea – made from the husks of the cacao beans from Samoa.



Oatmeal Stout

Cozy up to this hearty Oatmeal Stout! With a velvety smooth texture and a delightful blend of roasted malts and oats, it’s like a warm hug in a glass. Sip slowly and enjoy!


Our classic West Coast IPA is crafted with a rich malt body and balanced piney bitterness. You’ll get huge hits of grapefruit with this delightfully hoppy beer – for the adventurous drinker.


Canadian Maple Stout

A thick, layered, maple brekky stout, with loads of different malts, maple syrup and oats.  The latest beer in Blackman’s staff-led Brewery Series.

Mervyn Pale Ale

A multi-award winning juicy pale ale, made for celebrating. Tropical flavours, medium bitterness and a large dose of aromatic hops – let the good times roll.

BLACK SWAN (Downstairs)


Hopinator DIPA

Reloaded and re-released, this old-school IPA brings a massive hop arsenal to create citrus, pine and spice on a chewy malt backbone. Hasta la vista.

Premium Euro Pilsner

Brewed since 2002, our Pilsner is cold fermented and lagered longer to create a premium crisp, clean and refreshing European-style lager perfect for any occasion.



A fat, juicy, hazy and pillowy beer can only be one thing, a classic New England IPA. From Shedshaker Brewing, exclusively for Bendigo on the Hop, comes a NEIPA with a difference – it’s found gold. Yes, our NEIPA comes with real gold leaf in the beer, making our NEIPA the richest you will ever drink. Heavy on fruity Galaxy and Amarillo hops with a healthy deposit of Mosaic hops to finish it off, the Shedshaker Gold NEIPA (6.5% ABV) is all at once a luscious beer for the decadent, an alluvial beer for the detectorists and a thick juicy winner for NEIPA lovers everywhere.

Espresso Black Lager

We’ve taken the planet’s two favourite drinks and put them together in a union of organic, ethically sourced Tiger Mountain Arabica coffee from our friends at Coffee Basics and dark malted barleys with the spicy hit of American hops. Surprisingly light, full flavoured and refreshing, this schwarzbier style lager is chocolaty, rich and dark.

BLACK SWAN (Upstairs)


Mango Salsa – Mango, lime & corn sour

Central Victoria locals Cornella are back in the ring for BOTH23, channelling some fresh Southern American vibes with their brand new sour packed with mango, lime and corn.

You’ll be throwing yourself from the top rope for this one!

Annie – NEIPA

A good beer named after a good girl.

Juicy and double dry hopped with Citra & Galaxy.


West is West – WCIPA

This modern West Coast IPA has a light malt presence & is dry hopped with Mosaic, Idaho 7 & Galaxy.  This hop combo give berry, orange & passionfruit aromas with a solid kick of bitterness.  A perfect festival beer to try!

Legal Mess – XPA

Extra pale, extra hoppy. A lighter malt base with a smooth bitterness to allow the hops shine through.



Chilli Chocolate Hazlenut Vanilla Spiced Stout

It says what it does on the label! 

We’ve taken our spiced milk stout and kicked it up a notch with extra vanilla and hazelnut!

Cracking Lager

A crisp, easy-drinking lager


Fruit Salad – American IPA

Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy. Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad! Wiggle your way to the Bright Brewery bar at Hop Supply Co. during Bendigo On The Hop to get your hands on this bold, tropical Fruit Salad IPA!
With mango, passionfruit and lychee aromas, hints of coconut, banana, mandarin, strawberry and pineapple and a smooth bitterness in an American IPA base, it’s a Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad!

Bright Pale Ale

Bright Pale is as synonymous with Bright as majestic Mystic Mountain which towers over our town. As refreshing as a dip in our pure Alpine waters, Bright Pale is a crisp and easy-drinking Australian-style pale, with tropical aromas and a unique local flavour.

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