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Live Music – Bendigo On The Hop 2022 Vol.2

What goes well with great beer? Great tunes. Take a look at the live music for Bendigo On The Hop 2022 Vol.2.

Piazza, cnr Pall Mall & View Street (Rosalind Park):
12pm-12:45pm – Mia Mazzarella
1pm-1:45pm –  Mia Mazzarella
2pm-2:45pm –  Sam Pollock
3pm-3:45pm – Sam Pollock
4pm-4:45pm – Amy Tie
5pm-5:45pm – Amy Tie

Art Gallery Amphitheatre:
12pm-12:45pm –  Jake Fry
1pm-1:45pm – Jake Fry
2pm-2:45pm –  Frank Bell
3pm-3:45pm – Frank Bell
4pm-4:45pm – Bill Volkofsky
5pm-5:45pm – Bill Volkofsky

Black Swan, Al Fresco space:
1pm-1:50pm – Sherri Parry
2:10pm-3pm – Sherri Parry

Festival HUB Stage:
11:30am-12:30pm – Sherri Parry (solo)
1pm-2pm – Grim Fawkner Band
2:15pm-3:15pm – Grim Fawkner Band
3:45pm-4:45pm – Funk Junkies
5pm-6pm – Funk Junkies

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