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Getting back to the pub

As rules on masks are relaxed and venues are allowed to get closer to pre-covid capacities, we thought we’d take a minute to mention the bars, pubs and other venues serving quality, independent craft beer in and around Bendigo. 

Bendigo’s craft beer bottle shops and takeaway venues have done a fine job keeping the craft beer flowing during lockdowns and restrictions. Many of us may have even become accustomed to a post-Covid world, where staying at home feels more normal than it might have before.

But our bars, pubs and clubs are opening up. Fresh beer from the tap is available again, and venues are keen to get customers back. Many have endured significant financial hardship in these unprecedented times, but they’re still upbeat about the future and need the support of their local community now more than ever.

Bendigo Beer would like to encourage craft beer lovers to pay a visit to their local craft beer establishment for one off the wood. If you’re not sure where to go, head on over to our Beer Finder page for Pubs and Bars serving great craft beer.

One final note. Things may be different from the way they were pre-2020. There could be new guidelines in place or other changes you’re asked to adhere to when you’re out enjoying a beer. Please remember to be kind to staff and remember venues are doing their best to operate under strict guidelines designed to keep us all safe.

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