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Bendigo & Region Gastronomy Guide

Today, representatives from Bendigo Beer attended the launch of the Bendigo & Region Gastronomy Guide at Bendigo’s Peppergreen Farm.

In 2019, Bendigo became the first city in Australia to be designated a UNESCO Creative City and region of Gastronomy. The Bendigo & Region Gastronomy Guide has been developed by The City of Greater Bendigo, in partnership with Bendigo Regional Tourism, with the aim of promoting the diverse food and beverage businesses.

The guide is an interactive website that features a map of the region, with an easy to use interface for finding not only food and beverage venues, but also food producers and farmers markets.

Craft beer has been recognised for the role it plays in enriching food and beverage culture. Bendigo Beer has been working closely with the guide’s developers to help encourage breweries, retailers, restaurants, cafes and pubs that serve independent beer to add their business.

Shedshaker Brewing, Palling Bros, Cornella Brewery, Hustler, Flight Bar, The Cambrian Hotel and The Rifle Brigade are just a few of the venues already featured.

‘Trails’ are an exciting feature of the Bendigo & Region Gastronomy Guide. The interactive map features groups of similarly themed outlets and venues, with the aim of encouraging tours of the region.

Bendigo Beer is looking forward to assisting in the development of beer trails, so that visiting craft beer lovers can easily plan day trips, or longer stopovers, that allow them to see the various beer producers and venues in the region.

If you have an outlet or venue that you’d like to be part of the Bendigo & Region Gastronomy Guide, get in touch with Bendigo Beer and we can give you guidance on how to create your own listing.

Or, if you just love great beer, food or wine, and want to support local operators in Bendigo and its surrounding areas, check out the Bendigo & Region Gastronomy Guide.

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