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Bendigo On The Hop 2023 Important Updates and Info

Important updates and info

Beer lovers will walk the streets of Bendigo’s CBD in just a few days. Making their way between the city’s best venues for craft beer, hosting independent breweries from all over Victoria.

But first, here are a few items we’d like to run by you.

Selling and Transferring Tickets

Bendigo On The Hop 2023 is a sold-out event. However, our ticket partner, Gotix, has a waiting list for anyone still wanting a ticket to the festival.

There may still be an opportunity if anyone looking to offload a ticket because they can no longer attend.

Tickets must be transferred no later than 9 am on the Friday before the festival. Please contact Gotix.


Remember, the venue you purchased your ticket for is your starting point. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll receive your festival pack, which includes your beer tokens and festival cup. After that, you can move between all the venues in any order.

Anyone who does not have a valid ticket will be asked to show a driver’s license. If their name does not appear on our list, entry to the festival will not be permitted.

Cambrian Hotel is ‘The Hub’

If it’s your first time at Bendigo On The Hop and your ticket is for The Cambrian Hotel, please do not go to the pub on Arnold Street. Please visit The Hub in Hargreaves Mall.

Bendigo Brewing

A reminder to anyone who originally purchased tickets to Bendigo Brewing. This venue was transferred to The Hub.

No Sample Cups

Make sure you don’t lose your Bendigo On The Hop souvenir cup. We won’t be serving samples in disposable sample cups. Where possible, Bendigo On The Hop is an environmentally sustainable event.

Souvenir Cup Disposal

Your Bendigo On The Hop souvenir cup is reusable and dishwasher-safe. At the end of the day, if you do not want to take your cup home, please don’t throw it in the bin. Each venue will have a drop-off point for unwanted cups, so we can ensure they are recycled.


No Alcohol in CBD

Please do not drink in the streets between venues. Bendigo has a restriction on drinking in the CBD streets and you may be fined. Police will be on patrol observing the behaviour of festival goers. Let’s not put future events at risk.

Please be kind

Please be understanding and kind to everyone at the Bendigo On The Hop.

Venues can get busy sometimes, and waiting for a sample of your favourite beer may be necessary. We ask that you be patient.

Volunteers assist because they love the day and want to take part. No one wants to be abused because someone had to wait a little longer for a beer.

Abuse or antisocial behaviour towards volunteers, venue staff or other festivalgoers will not be tolerated.

We’re so looking forward to seeing you.

The team of volunteers at Bendigo Beer have once again coordinated a brilliant festival. Let’s all have a fantastic day and enjoy some delicious beer from independent Australian breweries.


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