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glasses raised in a toast above many small plates of food

Beer vs Wine Recap

This past Sunday, a small group of people braved some interesting weather to take part in Bendigo’s Beer vs Wine event at Nimbus Rooftop. A sunny day would no doubt have been nicer, but throughout the course of the day, it was only briefly that guests needed to move to more adequate cover.

Little could dampen the spirits of those who attended though. By all accounts a fun, enjoyable day was had by everyone.  Nimbus Rooftop prepared a fantastic six-course menu. Bendigo Beer and Bendigo Winegrowers Association paired dishes with a broad, diverse range of beer and wine from the region.

The end result was a victory for Bendigo’s wine, but the real winners were those who attended. Bendigo Beer are looking forward to the next Beer vs Wine event in 2021.

Tarts being plated at Nimbus Rooftop.

Menu and Matchings

Roasted pear tart, Tooborac Pale Ale and Lome Roussanne.

Goats cheese (holy goat) and roasted pear tart

Tooborac ‘Stonemasons’ Pale Ale

Lome 2019 Roussanne

Lamb noisette, Cornella Brewing / Hop Supply Co Hazy Pale and Black Wallaby Rose.

Lamb noisette, fetta mint and peas.

Cornella Brewery / Hop Supply Co ‘Staring Into The Eclipse’ Hazy Pale Ale

Black Wallaby ‘Madelyn’ 2017 Sparkling Rose

Scallops, 40 Acres IPA and Belardent Picpoul De Pinet

Pan fried scallops with cauliflower(puree, pickled and roasted) 

40 Acres ‘Till The Cows Come Home’ Session IPA

Belardent Picpoul de Pinet

A Connor Park Riesling, Palling Bros IPA and Pork Belly.

Chilli caramel pork belly sweet and sour herb salad

Palling Bros ‘Rood Henry’s Brewhouse Series’ IPA

Connor Park 2006 Riesling

Duck breast, Shedshaker Belgian Dubbel and Burnt Acres Shiraz.

Coffee cured duck breast, orange and rosemary roasted kipflers 

Shedshaker Belgian Dubbel

Burnt Acre 2018 ‘The Ants Pants’ Shiraz Grenache

Ice cream sandwhich, Holgate Hefe and Buller Wines Topaque.

Peanut butter jelly ice cream cookie sandwich

Holgate Hefeweiss

Buller Fine Old Topaque

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