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Restaurants and Cafes

Bendigo’s reputation for good food is well known. Worldwide, in fact.

In 2019 the city was designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. It’s the first city in Australia to be awarded the title and joins only 246 cities around the world that make up the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Part of this, is a focus on good beer. The venues below recognise its importance and offer a diverse range of beers which compliment the amazing food on offer. The venues below offer an equally amazing range of quality, Australian independent beer, as well as some of the best beer from around the world.

  • Harpoon Social Club
  • Flight Bar
  • Masons of Bendigo
  • The Dispensary Bar & Diner
  • Hustler
  • Wine Bank
  • The Woodhouse
  • Mrs Batterhams
  • GPO Bendigo
  • The Goldmines
  • Nimbus Rooftop
  • Gallery Cafe Bendigo
  • Spring Gully General Store
  • Harcourt General Store