On The Hop FAQ


Where is the festival?

Bendigo On The Hop is a moveable festival where attendees walk between the ten (10) venues located around Bendigo’s CBD. Course is approximately 1.6km long.

Check the venue map here.


Where can I buy tickets from?

Online here.

Or in person at The Capital Theatre in View Street, Bendigo.


How much are tickets?

$59 inc booking fee.


What does that get me?

An 85ml tasting token for each of the 28 breweries, a souvenir glass and event booklet.

(If you’re good at maths, that means you get just over 8 pots of rare craft beer included in your ticket price – great value!)

This year, you’ll be able to choose which of the brewery’s two beers you’d like to use your tasting token on.


What about food?

Each of the ten venues will be serving food to compliment the beers on show, ranging from around $5 to $10 a serve and easy to eat with a beer in hand!


Are there Designated Driver tickets?


We introduced the Designated Driver ticket last year as a trial. Unfortunately, a large number of people abused the system and we will not be doing it this year.

How about getting a group of friends together to shout you a ticket so you can drive them around on the day! Works out cheaper than a taxi!


 I don’t like beer. Is there cider, wine or spirits to buy?

No. This is a beer festival celebrating Australian independent craft beer and that’s all we’ll be serving between 11am-6pm.

Don’t worry, this beer is not like VB or Carlton Draught. These beers have flavour and aroma that will surprise you. Give it a go!


Can I get in to the Venues without a ticket?

No. Between 11am -6pm, you will need to have a Bendigo On The Hop ticket.


Can I drink my beer in the street between venues?

No. There are strict local laws that prohibit the consumption of alcohol on the streets of Bendigo’s CBD unless you are in a designated liquor licenced area. You could be fined by police, so play it safe and finish your beer before heading to the next venue.  For more info view the local laws.


I’ll have the kids with me. Is this festival child friendly?

Absolutely, but keep in mind some venues can get quite loud and there may be stairs you’ll have to navigate. Children under 16 are free entry.

Please ensure your children are supervised at all times, preferably by a sober and responsible adult.


Can I get into the venues after 6pm?

Yes, normal drinks service will resume after 6pm. Please note some venues may need to close for a short time to get ready for the Saturday night dinner service.


I can’t get there until after 6pm. Where is the After Party?
This year the Official After Party is at The Rifle Brigade car park, starting from 6pm.

Entry is free, there will be a live rock band and you can sample some of the beers from the festival.