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Bendigo Beer News We’re Back!

On the day

The number of venues and breweries at Bendigo On The Hop can change from year to year, but the basic structure of the festival is the same.

Your tickets are associated with a starting venue. This is where your sample tokens, souvenir glass and wristband will be waiting for you. Once you’ve collected your pack you are able to proceed to any venue at your leisure.

If you have purchased multiple tickets you will receive all the items for all the tickets, we cannot hold items to be collected by a group member later in the day.

Each venue will be hosting breweries and each brewery will be bringing two beers.
One beer will be a brew from their core range, the other a rare or unique beer.
You will be able to choose between which of the two beers you would like to try with your sample token.

If you have enjoyed your sample or would like to taste the other beer on offer you can purchase a full pour in your souvenir glass.