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Pubs and Bars

For decades the pub has been a cornerstone of Aussie culture. Today some might say these bars of old are a dying breed, but others would say they’ve simply evolved. Today’s hotels are accompanied by inner-city bars, both serving a diverse array of food and beverage options.

There are many venues like this spread throughout Bendigo and the surrounding region. Having embraced the change, in addition to a wide array of culinary options, they also serve flavorful craft beer alongside the traditional lagers of old.

  • Harpoon Social Club
  • The Cambrian Hotel
  • The Farmers Arms
  • The Dispensary Bar & Diner
  • Hustler
  • Wine Bank
  • Babylon Bar & Lounge
  • Handle Bar
  • The Rifle Brigade
  • The Railway Hotel Castlemaine
  • Golden Square Hotel
  • The Taphouse
  • The Golden Vine
  • The Goldmines
  • The Brougham Arms
  • The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine
  • Nimbus Rooftop
  • The Botanical Hotel
  • Hotel Shamrock / Yard Bird